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I can give your business a new creative start right away!

I’m a UI/UX Designer from Brazil, living in Berlin. I hold a degree in International Relations, but I recently found out that illustrations and UX design are my passion.

I’ve been studying UI/UX design in the last year, and after having done some personal projects, attending some events and getting some mentoring and feedback from professionals, I think now is the right time to start my career as designer.


My achievements

Although I started my career as an International Relations analyst, I realized that what was a hobby has become something I would like to work with. During the time I worked as a sales analyst, I had a close contact with inboud marketing and product design, and from there I started my studies in design.

2016 - 2017
Sales analyst & design intern

I helped the brazilian startup put their Inbound Marketing campaigns and their sales funnel in place. But also during that time I had a close contact with the product design and marketing teams, where I could act as product design intern.

2018 - present
UI/UX studies

Since I moved to Germany, I’ve been doing a big variety of UI and UX design courses online, and I’ve been practicing with some personal projects. So I believe now is the right time to get my hands dirty and find the right company to contribute to and grow together.

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