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Mobile Web App - Croissogno

Web Mobile App – Food Delivery Project

Year:2019Tool:FigmaPreview:click here

The name Croissogno is a junction between the word Croissant + Sogno (Italian for ‘dream’). This mobile web app was designed in Figma to function as an Italian/French cafe delivery tool, it was an exercise of a study on online food orders.

The entire process from naming, identity creation, wireframing, research and testing was based on the user-centered approach. Within a week, the product strategy, scope outline and functionality requirements were defined. The entire design process took about 3 months and, in the end, it was submitted to an evaluation to verify its usability goals. The Croissogno project achieved its goal in an easy, fun and quick way to order a croissant sandwich at Mitte Berlin.

This project was never turned into a real platform, but there is a high-fidelity prototype available, where you can complete an order and take a look at all the features available in the product. You can access it clicking here.