The Wallibra mobile app was a project designed to be a Cryptocurrency Digital Wallet. It was an exercise of a study on mobile applications.


I wanted to build a project focused on something practical that could someday improve people’s access to money in their smartphones. But at the same time could adapt to the reality of low budget places that have people without bank accounts. This was the reason why the wallet was made to use the new cryptocurrency Libra announced by Facebook. Mainly because Libra promises to open a chance for people to use digital money in a simpler and faster way.

” (…) Despite the huge quantity of mobile phones and people with access to the internet in the world, a huge amount of the global population isn’t in the financial system, the numbers are worst in developing countries. Who has less money pays more for such service. The Wallibra app is an easy digital cryptocurrency wallet that provides access to basic financial services for everybody. Wallibra can make it possible for the ones who might have only had cash before, and now have access to a digital currency on their phone, transferring to or receiving money from friends and even paying services and products.”

4 Specific Functions

  1. Send and receive Libras for the other users fast and safe.

  2. Access your account with details of transactions/operations.

  3. Pay services and purchase with your Libras through the Wallibra app.

  4. Track the Libra value every day in other currencies.

The entire process of naming, logo, identity creation, wireframing, research and testing was based on the user-centered approach.

Wallibra flow

The structure was designed to meet the designer goals:

Reduce the need of having bank accounts (political goal);

Build trust in online payments creating a community (social goal);

Provide a useful app (functional goal);

Make money from the transactions (financial goal).

“Your crypto in your wallet with the speed that today deserves!”

  • Tagline

This project was never turned into a real platform, but there is a high-fidelity prototype available, where you can take a look at some of the features available in the product. You can access it clicking here.